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Thank you so very much for the care and attention you gave me, to rehabilitate my shoulder. It would have been very easy for you to simply give me some exercises to do and send me on my way. Instead you explained why the injury occured and showed me how to avoid injuring it again.Your expertise has helped me not only to heal this injury but it also helped me to understand that working one muscle has an impact on many others and that those muscles should not be forgotten. Again, I appreciate all that you and your staff has done for me; it will not be forgotten.You came highly recommended and with good reason, therefore it would be my pleasure to recommend your services to anyone in need of them.

Very good results in a short period of time.

Everyone here is very nice and helpful.They care about me.They want to do what is best for me.Sunil explained everything to me. He took time to talk with me and my husband about my condition.

I was pleased by the professionalism and the way the staff related to my condition and treatment. Good work.

Charu and her whole staff did a fabulous job. I appreciate the effort and care provided.I came in with pain and inability to do the things I enjoy; but after physical therapy I have no pain and I can do all the things I like.Thank you all very much.

Sunil and his staff worked magic.The results were beyond my expectations.I am very happy and appreciate the wonderful and thorough care.

Thanks for the wonderful results. Tough workouts but the end results were worth it.

​Everything went very well with therapy. Sunil explained the healing process, and it helped keep me motivated and kept my spirits up.

Since starting physical therapy 95% better.

The treatment was very effective and the staff was extreamly knowledgeable.

I am so happy to find this clinic because I think I can manage my pain level and start smiling. The staff is very courteous and warm people.

I am much better mentally and physically for being with the therapist at Healthlink.Thankyou for all your help.

Great staff, very informative and thorough.Would highly recommend their services.

I must tell you that I feel 100% better in the month that I spent doing Physical Therapy with Sunil and his staff. I am very happy that I was prescribed to come here for therapy. Thank you very much for all the knowledge and professionalism.

After four weeks of treatment, my pain is nearly gone.I feel so much better. The staff knew exactly what treatment was required to heal me.

Healthlink is a great place for Physical Therapy. The staff is very attentive , friendly and professional. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone( and have).